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I am Cooper, the founder of WiKeeBuy, we aimed to make the world cleaner and more environmentally, under the shining of Asgardia, we created the website: wikeebuy.com. WikeeBuy is not only an online e-commerce store selling green energy transportation tools, we sell solar energy products as well, in addition, we are committed to building a community of no risk and a healthier world. Asgardia has the inspection upon our goal, to issue satellite and protect human colonize another planet, and now we are making people away from disease caused by air pollution, so we select the little way to help more quietly.

We have so many good people to unite create the new world, so we believe we can do that.


BOGIST, iScooter, Hiboy, Gotrax, Segway, AOVO, Pure electric, are our cooperation partners, we united, so that we build a new green community in earth.

It is a dream, and the human beings pursuit, the pursuit that everyone is supposed to have.








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