A fantastic, reasonably priced e-scooter from, you guessed it, either the v3 or v2 of MICROGO. The electric scooter is not only an excellent value but also incredibly convenient, making it the ideal commuting Scooter. Thrilled to be working with one of the burgeoning Electric Scooter businesses at the WIKEEBUY store for MICROGO Brand Scooters, which performs a wide range of repairs and sells out its product globally. Need advice or are unable to locate something crucial regarding the scooter? Visit wikeebuy.com to see our website.

The V3 and V2 are two of our iconic electric scooters that make up the MICROG Series in our store. Due to the low pricing of all the Scooters in this series, it is ideal for beginning riders. Our first electric scooter, the MICROGO V3, and V2 is a timeless design from MICROGO. Everything you love about the V3 scooter is included in the v2, but the handbrake for more effective braking is located on the console, and the back fender is reinforced. The V3 and V2 is a Scooter that is suitable for commuting but is also fantastic choice for recreational riders and new riders. This is a fantastic scooter for you, regardless of whether you need it for commuting or just for enjoyment.

The Best Electric Scooter Selection

MICROGO is always creating new Electric Scooters with the best features and various specifications. The V3 and V2 Electric Scooters are our best-selling electric scooters. It’s the ideal electric scooter for adults, commuters, and older teens, and at a cost that’s affordable for leisure riders as well, thanks to its V2 and V3 8.5″ Inflatable tires and 9–12mile range!


It should come as no surprise that MICROGO offers the most well-liked electric scooters for recreational use and transit.

At AOVO MICROGO, we have been producing electric scooters for a long time. We add more features and higher quality with each new model. 2020 saw the explosive debut of  MICROGO, whose $499.99 electric scooter swiftly rose to the top of the E-scooter market. There are innumerable reviews, videos, and tech articles available, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce several new models in 2021.

 90-Day Warranty and 30-Day Returns

The provision of exceptional customer service is MICROGO’s top priority. We’re committed to giving every customer our all to ensure their satisfaction. A 30-day return period and a 90-day limited guarantee are included with every AOVO MICROGO product! By phone, email, or live chat, you may reach our customer care Monday through Friday. Our representatives are here to help you with your needs.

Our electric scooters are the most competitively priced and equipped.

AOVO MICROGO Electric scooters provide the most recent features and the specifications you want! We have an e-scooter for everyone, whether you’re a commuter commuting to work or just seeking some leisure time. We provide a large selection of electric scooters for both adults and children. The v3 and v2 electric scooters for adults and children are the most competitive in their price range thanks to their 250Watt motor and 36V battery construction. The materials used to construct MICROGO Electric scooters allow them to support up to 220 lbs. Visit our blog article at WIKEEBUY for more information on the product.

Quick and Free Shipping

Every electric scooter for sale on AOVO MICROGO is shipped for free, every day, Monday through Friday. MICROGO sends tracking numbers by email, and the bottom of our website allows you to check the status of your order at any moment. The MICROGO website has a flawless history and has been approved to meet the standards of a WIKEEBUY seller-fulfilled premier warehouse.

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