LEQISMART A8 Electric Scooter Adults, Max 28 Miles Range, 350W Motor, 9" Pneumatic Tires, 15.5 Mph Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults Commuter, Cruise Control, Intelligent Light Sense E Scooter

Our most recent smart Electric Scooter introduction is the LEQISMART A8. For quick trips on paved roads, Electric Scooters are popular. Recently, we came into possession of the clever and cutting-edge Leqismart A8 electric scooter. A statement of unwavering speed and intelligence, this electric stand-up scooter is innovative and fashionable. We’ve also chosen to express our views and ideas on the Leqismart A8 in this article.

The LEQISMARTA8 Electric Scooter was sent to us in a cardboard carton. We then assessed it once it was removed and its sleek, black exterior to see how little yet contemporary it appeared. It is constructed from die-casting and aluminum of aerospace quality. So far as our initial impression goes, we were enamored with its overall design and construction. Additionally, once we had completed assembling it, it appeared to be the right size for both adults and teenagers.

Body Posture and Regulation of Light

We were delighted by its high-quality material composition, aluminum, as we already indicated. The structure has unrivaled longevity because of the use of aerospace-grade aluminum and the one-body die-casting technique. A horse-back design that could be compared to a car specification was also included. Additionally, it had an automatic welcome light built into the car’s basic lighting system, which lit up when we turned the car on to leave. Additionally, when we required some extra brightness, its headlight illuminated in the dark.

App Interoperability

When it comes to this smart automobile, its smartphone app is like a brownie point. Along with the riding memory records, we were able to check the range that was still usable on the display. It also allowed us to lock and turn on the scooter with the push of a single button.

Battery Power

Designers discovered that this scooter had a strong ride with a maximum output of 630 Watts, which appeared typical when it came to power. Additionally, its powerful 374WH IPX7-rated battery with 10.2% Energy Recycle Technology gave us automobile-grade waterproofing and a range of up to 25 miles. When we tested it out, it provided us with quite a wonderful distance coverage, but we weren’t sure if it was enough or not. For the record, it could travel 28 miles in total in M mode.

Reliability and Accessibility

The safety features of this electric scooter were similar to those of other cutting-edge vehicles. For example, its shock absorption, aramid polymer material, high-resilience tubeless tire, and 9-inch anti-puncture tire supported us steadily when we rode it on the streets to ensure safe trips. With Gyroscope Status Detection and Intelligent Speed Control, shock absorption is improved even more.


Overall,  WIKEEBUY can say that the LEQISMART A8 Electric Scooter can be a fantastic means of getting around town and to neighboring destinations in elegance. Because of the high-quality materials and technology utilized to make it, it is dependable and pleasant. We have been intrigued by its design, area of coverage, and riding speed. In the end, and maybe most importantly, it was hilarious to ride in this stylish scooter without worrying about my safety! So, there you have it—our evaluation of the Leqismart A8 electric scooter. I hope you find it entertaining and enlightening.

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