WiKee Believe

WIKEE has made it infinitely easier to go to work or go to school, WIKEE built a bridge bringing all the things you want to be close to, a little bit easier, cheaper, and way more fun to get to. Your office, your lecture hall, that new Ramen place, you can bring the friend to the new Ramen place at any time with your electric scooter easily.

WiKee  Team

WiKee Team tried subways and Ubers, electric bikes and bike shares and even a skateboard. We sat in traffic, missed critical meetings, got grease on our pants and dirty looks when we lugged our bikes on the subway. We paid crazy parking fees (and fines) and pulled our hair out waiting at empty bike stations. So we developed electric scooters, all that time saved, all that fresh air. Cos bike shares sometimes let us upset, they weren’t there when we needed it or weren’t charged and weren’t powerful enough when they were. Thus we created WiKeeBuy to solve the problem, creating a new clean, and convenient world!


WIKEEBUY has our own warehouse in Germany, the UK, Belgium, 4~8 days delivery in Europe wide

Door to Door

We provide the most kindly service, door to door delivery, Powerful logistics system make sure the order arrive in time


180 days quality warranty, makes you no need to worry about your ordered products quality problem


WIKEEBUY is based in Shenzhen, China, We have the UK repairs site and Germany, the USA warehouse.


WIKEEBUY’s philosophy is that product quality is paramount and after-sales service and shopping experience. WIKEEBUY is a B2C e-commerce online store, sells outdoor sports products professionally, for example, selling electric scooters, cars for kids, hoverboards, electric bikes, exercise bikes, etc. WIKEE Technology cooperates with the powerful factory, more than 10 years of producing experience, so we have the capability to make sure every customer most cost-effective purchasing experience.

In addition, WIKEE Technology has a complete supply chain system, the warehouse in the UK and the USA, Germany, Belgium. all products on WIKEEBUY.com must have been detected by the corresponding authority, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS certification, etc. Moreover, we have up to 2 years of products quality warranty.  so that customers don’t need to worry about sales after problems.

WIKEE Marketing: the UK, The USA, the EU countries. WIKEE Shipping countries: the UK, Ireland, The USA, the EU countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Luxenberg, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, etc. WIKEE Repairs site: Belgium, Germany, the UK, the USA.

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