WIKEEBUY Refund Statement:

About related products purchased at www.wikeebuy.com, especially electric scooters:
If there is a quality problem within one month of use, and the quality problem can not be solved under the guidance of WIKEE engineer, our company will provide a full refund.
If there is a quality problem within two months of use, and the quality problem can not be solved under the guidance of WIKEE engineer, our company will provide a 2/3 refund.
If there is a quality problem within three months of use, and the quality problem can not be solved under the guidance of WIKEE engineer,our company will provide a 1/3 refund
If there is a quality problem exceed three months of use, our company only accept repairs, don’t support refund

Due to the used second-hand electric scooter is difficult to sell, it is a great loss for us, please understanding.


1. Returns

From the delivery day, Subject to 17track.net/en query delivery date, Product refund & return in 14 days, WiKeeBuy offers postage. 

For replacing or refund in 15~30 days, the customer provides a stable partial shipping fee: 20USD, pay for shipping fee via the link:

If the product is severely damaged and used for 30~90 days, we will only provide half-price refund processing, customer pay for the shipping back fee, 20USD:


You have a 30 day period after delivery to return your scooter for any reason, even if it has been ridden.

In order to qualify, you must do the following:

  1. Contact us and tell us the product problem you ordered, Purchase the scooter on wikeebuy.com. E-Mail: wikeebuy@gmail.com
  2. If you wish to return the scooter, please contact us within the 30 day period. If you encounter any issues after this time, please see our warranty policy.
  3. In order to process your return, you must mail back your scooter in its original box with its original packing materials. No returns will be accepted without the original packing material.

The No-Risk Trial does not apply to custom scooters or Kickstarter reward scooters, but we will work with you if your scooter is defective and needs to be replaced. Also, the No Risk Trial applies only to scooters purchased on the WIKEEBUY  website.

We will not issue a refund for scooters that show damage or abnormal wear and tear.


2. Replace

From the delivery day, Subject to 17track.net/en query delivery date, Product refund & return in 30 days, AOVO offers postage. Customers can request exchanges on unused, brand-new scooters only. If exceed 30 days, Requests for exchange are subject to inventory on-hand, and customers may expect wait times for replacement items that are comparable to or longer than our shipping estimates for new items. For the exceed 30 days exchanges, we will charge a flat fee of $50 for shipping, service, product using loss and warehouse costs. Pay for Shipping & Repairs service by the link:  https://www.wikeebuy.com/product/shipping-repair-service-fee-in-90-days/

Black Friday Bundles
Our Black Friday Ultimate Bundle and Couple’s Bundle are subject to an extended No Risk Trial! For Ultimate and Couple’s Bundles purchased during the Black Friday sale period, customers may return purchased bundles any time before January 15 (or 30 days after delivery, whichever is later).In order to accept and process your return, you must mail back ALL bundle items in the original box with their original packing materials. No returns will be accepted without the original packing material. In particular, to accept Couple’s Bundle returns, all items (including both scooters and all accessories) must be returned. Please note that your accessory bundle will ship separately from your scooter.
Accessory bundles are not customizable aside from helmet size selection. We can not accommodate requests for substitutions or a specific color of lock or charger.
If you want to purchase a Couple’s Bundle with two different color scooters, you should place two individual Ultimate Bundles in your cart. You will receive the same discount as you would if you purchased the Couple’s Bundle. If you order two Ultimate Bundles in this fashion, the discount will be applied at checkout.

3. Statement:


We will process the order within 3 days and send you an email with the tracking number. So that you can keep track of the order delivery status.


Under normal circumstances, the Product will arrive in Europe and be delivered within 4~8 days. Our products are shipped from the UK or Germany or the USA warehouses, using the DPD/DHL/UPS/Fedex shipping method


If the product has a major quality problem and cannot be repaired, you can choose to refund within 14 days or exchange the product within 30 days . Note that if ask exchange, the shipping fee will be borne by us, and if the customer asks for a refund, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.


For products that are more than 30 days and less than 90 days, we only provide accessories and general maintenance services, WIKEEBUY has a repair site in the UK, if there is any quality problem that consumers can not solve under the guidance of an engineer, the product can be shipped to our designated repairs site, to get repairs service. meanwhile, we have the USA warehouse, Germany warehouse as well. Due to the products used more than 90 days, we cannot sell the returned products, so we do not provide refund services. Only provide half a price refund, or accessories providing service in 180 days, wish you can understand

Before return, please contact us via E-mail: wikeebuy@gmail.com, So that you can get the return address and further details, thank you for your believing in WIKEEBUY.

If the return reason is not a quality problem but caused by the customer, the customer should provide the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the shipping method company you choose.

If due to our product quality reasons, the product received is damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.

No restocking fee is to be charged to the consumers for the return of a product.


4. Warranty of Returning Products Within 30 Days of Purchase

From the day that customers get the product, WIKEEBUY provides a 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee, which means that if your product has quality problems, we will arrange an exchange or refund within 30 days. The specific process is as follows:

1. Refund:

Within 14 days, if the customer’s PRODUCTS has quality problems and wants a refund, WIKEEBUY needs to offer the postage. If the product is obviously artificially damaged, the customer will offer the freight,  When the E-Scooter is sent back to our Europe warehouse (Germany or The UK warehouse), we will arrange a refund for the customer.

2. Replacement:

Within 30 days, if the customer’s E-Scooter has a quality problem and cannot be resolved through maintenance, and the customer wishes to exchange it, WIKEEBUY can bear the postage, and we will ship a new product to the customer.

3. Accessories Provide

Within 180 days, if there is a small problem with the WIKEEBUY’s product, we can provide accessories shipping service to solve the product quality problem in time

4. Note: If you purchase products on www.wikeebuy.com for more than 30 days and within 90 days, we can provide a half-price refund service, not a full refund service, customers need to send the product back to our warehouse, After we confirm receipt of the products, we will refund the customer on time.

5. Before you send the product back to our warehouse, you need to contact us (E-Mail: wikeebuy@gmail.com), for getting the shipment tracking label, if you want to full refund, you need to afford the shipping fee.

5. International Disclaimer

The WIKEEBUY product is produced for sale in the United Kingdom and EU EU countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, and The USA. The WIKEEBUY Warranty for customers who intend to use it outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, The USA is not applicable. WIKEEBUY products produced for and sold in international channels are warranted as applicable in such foreign countries. Contact us at wikeebuy@gmail.com for more details regarding WIKEEBUY products that require service, were purchased in the United States, and are now outside the United States. On these products, which require service, consumers are responsible for all costs including shipping, taxes, duties of replacement parts and local power adaptors at the owner’s expense.

6 .Delivery timeout or missing items

From the date of making the order, if the customer does not receive the product ordered within 20 days, AOVO will contact the customer, refund the customer directly, and ask the customer to reject the delayed delivery products, the product will be returned to AOVO warehouse following the original shipment route


Once we confirm that we have received the order returned, we will refund the customer, and we will never drag on, the customer experience is paramount.